What is dj3tv?

DJ3TV was first established in 2010 as a brand used for DJ3STR's (Dee-jest-er's) YouTube Video Productions.  A few years later, in 2013, an online radio station was created under the DJ3TV brand entitled, "DJ3TV Radio". Unfortunately, DJ3TV RADIO wouldn't last more than a year. It went silent, along with the brand as a whole, in 2014. Two years later, DJ3TV and DJ3TV Radio have been able to rise from the ashes to bring a new and improved experience that better demonstrates Arizona's local talent. DJ3TV has become a platform used to promote local rappers and singers by bringing their individual fan bases together. This not only helps spread exposure, but helps bring unity to Arizona's Local Hip-Hop scene. We need to find unity within this state full of amazing talent and in doing so we may finally find victory in putting Arizona on the map for the melting pot of musical talent that it is!

DJ3TV now offers a wide-range of High Quality Media Production Services to Local Businesses and Artists. All services can be purchased or reserved in the "Services" section of this website. If the client lives in the state of Arizona, cash payments may be excepted at a location of their choice. Travel fees may apply depending on location.

DJ3TV offers a wide range of Video Production Services for Local Businesses, Artists, and those who just want to document a special event. DJ3TV Video Production Services include: Commercials for Local Businesses and Events, Music Videos, Documentaries, Online Shows, Weddings, Interviews, and more. DJ3TV works hard on every project to ensure your vision becomes a reality. DJ3TV offers all Video Production Services for a flat rate of $45/hr including editing and color correction.

DJ3TV offers Photography Services for Local Businesses, Artists, Designers, and those just wanting to capture a moment in time! DJ3TV Photography Services include: Head-shots, Weddings, Portraits, Live Performances, Sport/Dance Events,  Car Shows, and much more! DJ3TV offers all Photography Services for a flat rate of $20/hr including basic editing and color correction. Travel fees may apply.

DJ3TV offers Audio Production Services for Local Artists and Businesses. DJ3TV Audio Production Services include: Commentary for Commercials and Documentaries, Vocal and String Instrument Recording, Mixing/Mastering of Prerecorded Audio Tracks, Recording/Production of Audio for Radio /DJ Promotion. DJ3TV offers all Audio Production Services for a flat rate of $20/hr including mixing and mastering. DJ3TV Audio Production Services also offers a "Mobile Studio" option for clients who are unable to travel. Travel fees may apply.

DJ3TV offers Website Development Services for clients looking to have a Professional Website for their brand.  DJ3TV Website Development Services include: Social Media Sites, Blog Sites, Artist Promotion/Portfolio Sites, Event Promotion/Subscription Sites, Online Stores/Shops,  and much more! If you've been wanting your own website and have been to overwhelmed with the process, contact DJ3TV today and get the website you've always wanted! DJ3TV offers all Web Development Services for a flat rate of $100 per website. Limited to 9 pages per website. Additional pages may be added for $10 a page.

DJ3TV Radio is an Online Radio Station dedicated to Arizona's Local Hip-Hop scene. DJ3TV Radio broadcasts Local Hip-Hop and R&B 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tune-in to hear your favorite local artist today! Are we missing a song or artist that you think should be featured on the station? Submit the song and artist information to the "Radio" section of this website.  DJ3TV Radio is also looking for Local Businesses and Promoters that would like advertise on the station. Advertisement Broadcasting is available for $25/month and guarantees your advertisement plays every 6-7 songs.

DJ3TV offers a wide variety of Graphic Design Services.  DJ3TV Graphic Design Services include designs for Posters, Flyers, Business Cards, Invitations, Brochures, Book Covers, Logos, T-Shirt Graphics, Magazine Layouts, Banners, Newspaper/Online Advertisements, Album Covers/Inserts, and more! All graphics are edited and created in Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator in order to create a clean, professional design that can be easily viewed on any material or online platform. DJ3TV offers all Graphic Design Services for a flat rate of $25 per design.